Discover: Trailer – Season One

Clips from the first three episodes of Album Epitaph – Season One.

Discover: EP1 – 1996 and Scenery & Fish

On this episode, 1996 and what it means to be a sell-out, the bassist becoming the coolest guy in the band and a funding model that allowed the Canadian music industry to punch above its weight class in the mid-90s. All in a world where it was okay to be a white drummer with dreadlocks…

Discover: EP2 – 1980 and McCartney II

On this episode, 1980 and the retreat of the rock music establishment, funny sounds for children, the difference between a synth and a sequencer, do it yourself home recording, tender love and care, wearing sweatpants to the office, all heard through the strange sound of the future…

Discover: EP3 – 1974 and Feats Don’t Fail Me Now

On this episode, 1974 and the height of the live rock show, Gumbo American music, a drummer with a black eye, an in-depth look at the economic forces behind the sound of music and a perfect little love song.

Discover: EP4 – 1963 and A Christmas Gift for You

This episode covers 1963 and Christmas music’s golden age. The time when pop was stuck between Elvis and the Beatles, when one of the fantastic weirdos in music history hit peak form, and when a lot of things got frozen in time. Also, the sound of the teenage soul, choreographed finger snaps, gunshots in the recording studio, and a Christmas miracle, all heard through the sounds of Phil Spector’s classic album, A Christmas Gift For You…

Discover: EP5 – 1957 and Blossom Dearie

On this episode, 1957 and the merging of distinct American worlds, three years of Rock ‘n Roll, Cool Jazz and a profile of an unheralded hero in music. Also, chameleons and bridge builders in music. And it is all heard through the smooth vibes of her self-titled album, Blossom Dearie.

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